Where are Eva Rose NZ garments made?
    All our garments are hand made locally in the Wellington, New Zealand. 
    How do I know what size to buy?
    Please refer to our size guide and compare your bust, hip and waist measurements. Our styles are designed to be a relaxed fit when worn and they span a couple of sizes, i.e. the XS can be worn by a size 8 or 10. If you normally buy size 10 for example, we suggest purchasing the XS. 
    What currency are your prices in?
    New Zealand dollars. 
    Do you offer Afterpay?
    Yes we do! Select the Afterpay option during purchasing.   
    Do you have an Eva Rose NZ gift card?
    Of course! It is available for sale on our website. Such a great idea for a birthday, baby shower, Mothers day…
    Loyal af?
    Share yourself in a Facebook or Instagram post, tag @evarosenz, flick it to us in an email info@evarosenz.co.nz and receive a 15% off code, towards your next purchase.
    What does Eva Rose NZ do to be a responsible, sustainable business?
    Our goal is to operate as responsibly as possible, which essentially means, prior to making a decision we ask ourselves…Is this the most responsible solution for our people and the environment? Even the smallest changes can make a big difference!
    How often can I wash my garments?
    Linen and cotton become softer the more you wash them. Ensure you do a gentle wash in cold water. Follow the instructions on the care label which is sewn inside the side seam of your garment. 
    What is the best way to dry my garment?
    Lie your garment flat over a clothes horse or washing line. DO NOT peg your garment, this will damage it and be visible.
    Can you iron linen?
    Yes! You can iron our 100% linen. Here’s how: Linen is nearly impossible to iron unless it is damp. Spray your garment with clean water to dampen. Iron on high heat. Ironing linen requires steady, even strokes. Don’t over iron it. Be careful not to iron over the zips, this will cause the outer fabric layer to become shiny where the zip sits underneath. Not ideal! If your garment changes colour slightly during ironing (especially mustard colours) don’t freak out. It will return to normal colour.